Driving Ingredients

One Oak Driving Ingredients

At One Oak Organics, we believe that great skin care is developed on a foundation of
organic, high-quality, sustainable ingredients. Through scientific research we have
selected 4 key driving ingredients with most effective skin benefits.

Read on for more
info about each of these vital elements.

Ultra OPA

Ultra Organic Plant Acids are vital in the composition of quality skin care. They act as a
gentle exfoliating agent and treat several conditions including hyperpigmentation, fine
lines, acne and wrinkles.

Two categories of OPA’s are Alpha Hydroxyl Acid and Beta
Hydroxyl Acid. AHA’s slow the natural cell turnover process and BHA’s exfoliate
targeting fine lines, pigmentation and help to minimize pores. These two all-natural plant
acids are key to fighting the first signs of aging.


MSM, an abbreviation of Methylsulfonylmethane, is a naturally occurring compound
found in all plants and connective tissues. Its properties contribute to the production of
collagen and elastin, promoting healthy, youthful skin.

MSM fights free radicals and
keeps skin smooth, glowing and hydrated. Kiss wrinkles, acne and aging concerns
goodbye with this dynamo ingredient.

72 Plant Trace Minerals

The use of trace minerals in skin care has countless benefits. Trace minerals can
facilitate healthy skin, nails, hair and connective tissues. Our products contain over 72
plant trace minerals. These minerals also help maintain healthy pH levels in the skin
and and play a vital role in cell structure.

The start of beautiful, glowing skin is not just
about what you put into your body but also about the products you choose to apply to
your skin. That’s why One Oak Organics thoroughly explores every ingredient that goes
into the production of our skin care lines. We give you only what your skin needs to look
and feel it’s very best, with no fillers and no unnecessary ingredients. When you apply
One Oak products, you’re giving your skin the concentrated benefits of minerals that it
needs most.

Fulvic acid

Touted as “Nature’s skin remedy”, Fulvic acid has numerous skin care benefits ranging
from anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to fighting inflammatory skin
concerns like acne, rosacea and other conditions that cause redness in the skin. It aids
in combatting psoriasis and soothes angry, irritated skin while improving cellular
metabolism, assisting with every stage of cellular rejuvenation.

Unlike some other acids,
fulvic acid‘s molecular size is small which allows it to easily penetrate skin without help
from another compound.