Increased Core Energy

I was asked by the One Oak team to formulate my thoughts and experiences into an article. I am a 44-year-old male and like most north Americans, I neglected my health, diet, and work-life balance for a long time. As you get older, it catches up with you. My baseline energy, for years, has always been low. Regardless of my sleep, eating, and exercise habits. I have a sedentary job, so I need to make time to exercise. Meal planning isn’t always an option for most of us, as we are busy. After spending 2 weeks in the hospital for a serious blood borne infection, the epiphanies began to roll in about my health.

A few years ago, I had done research on sleep cycles, and the way the body dips in and out of deep sleep. These cycles take 3-3.5 hours, and when you wake up in the middle of the cycle, you feel groggy, and sick. Therefore, naps longer than an hour are not the best thing for you. As I adjusted my bedtime and wake up time to fit these cycles, I woke up clearer, and it was no problem to get out of bed and get the day started, however, I still noticed that my baseline energy didn’t return to a healthy state. So, I moved on to diet research. I’m not a fad diet person, nor do I think any pill or vitamin can possibly be a fix all, while still allowing us to not exercise or stop eating processed/fast food.

Say what you want about hospital food, the diet that the good folks at the hospital put me on was great. Simple meals, small portions and same time every day.  I’m not an overly heavy man, but I am tall and have a full-on dad body. I had lost weight; however, my baseline energy never went up. I was feeling better as I healed, but the afternoon doldrums still hit, and I needed naps, and or coffee to stay alert. I decided to change my diet completely and attempt to feed my body what it needs and no extras.

I was introduced to the One Oak product line about 5 months ago. I had explained to the team what I needed as far as increasing my energy without burning out, and without taking the latest big pharma “cure”.  I picked up Essence of life, Ultra OPA, and the MSM powder upon recommendation from the One Oak team.

In the morning, I take 2 ounces of EOL, 5 drops of Ultra OPA and one small scoop of MSM powder. Within about an hour, my baseline energy slowly rises to a healthy rate, and there is no burnout. I don’t feel the need to eat so many times a day, and I no longer need that morning coffee. When I pair this morning routine with a healthy breakfast, I’m good for the whole day. There is no crash or burnout, or low blood sugar dizziness. I have a decent dinner, with portions inspired by the portions I received in the hospital.

My baseline energy has returned. I don’t sleep so hard because of burnout, so my muscles and back aren’t always sore, and I don’t need naps anymore. Naps are a tough habit to break, but if your head is clear and you have energy, it becomes easier to eliminate them. Also, with the energy that I now have, I don’t use escalators or elevators anymore, and this is just something I had noticed I was doing. Also, jumping in the car to go grab one or two things from the store is no longer a thing for me, I put on my earphones and enjoy a brisk walk instead.

I fully recommend this program to anyone who has the same issues that I had. The One Oak team was very helpful to me, and never tried to push anything that I wouldn’t need for my specific issue with energy.


Christopher D.