Skinimalism: Beauty trends are ever evolving

Skinimalism: The 2021 Beauty Trend That Your Skin Will Thank You For Beauty trends are ever evolving, and with 2021 the new trend is one that’s friendly for both your skin and your wallet.

Skinimalism. Minimalism for your skin. Skinimalism is the idea of using less product, less makeup and letting your natural skin texture and glow shine through. This helps limit the amount of products you need to use on a daily basis, allowing you to save money, save the amount of products you’re applying and streamlining your daily routine. Many people regularly apply excessive amounts of product and cosmetics to their skin daily, and for some this can cause redness, irritation and dermatitis.

Along with environmental toxins and now regular mask use, all of this can lead to angry, inflamed skin that is crying out for a break. Using less product, but choosing higher quality products with more effective ingredients is key for maximizing your skin routine. How To Achieve Skinimalism: Skinimalism is simple to achieve. Less is more with this clean, easy beauty trend. Cleanse and then use an exfoliator to buff away dead skin, making a cleaner, more evenly textured surface for products to follow. ExfoleRx is a great, gentle exfoliator that can be used often without causing micro-tears. Follow up with a gentle eye cream to keep fine lines at bay.

Your eyelids are very sensitive and the area is more prone to wrinkles, so using a specially formulated cream for this area will give you the best results. Next take your moisturizer or face oil, (whichever you use) and apply generously! Keeping your skin moisturized will help fight wrinkles, even out skin tone and keep you from getting flaky throughout the day. Having a good base also helps product applied after to stay in place and prevents the dreaded caked-on look. The great thing about skinimalism is that it’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

You can stop at this step and go about your day, with clean, glowing skin or you can apply a light layer of tinted or regular foundation. If you choose to add some makeup, keep your application light. Use a damp sponge or beauty blender to apply your foundation. Making sure your applicator is damp allows for a more blurred out, soft look.

Finish with a very light dusting of blush around your cheekbones, and some highlighter to add more of that glow that brightens up your face. Along with curling your lashes and keeping brows well-groomed, you’ll be able to go about your day with skin that feels light and clean