Ulta OPA - Throat & Gum Spray 30ml


This citrus derived spray combats naturally occurring bacteria and fungi in your throat and mouth that cause sore throats, sore gums and candida overgrowth.

It can also help reduce flu symptoms all while leaving a fruity, energizing citrus flavor.

One Oak Organics - Ultra OPA

Ultra OPA is a multipurpose combination of organic plant acids. It is a result of 25 years of research and experimentation and has been used as a treatment for dysentery and general cleansing. It is derived from citrus extracts in a base of glycerin. Ultra OPA helps prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. These mild tasting, organic plant acids help protect both humans and animals from illnesses caused by salmonella, e-coli, clostridium and other pathogens found in air, food and water.

"Ultra OPA helps prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses."

Laboratory testing, using the USP Challenge Test, showed the incredible ability of Ultra OPA to retard the growth of pathogens, much like a preservative protects the contents of a bottle. Common microbial pathogens were exposed to Ultra OPA. The results showed that Ultra OPA destroyed all of the five pathogens tested in less than a week. This test indicated that Ultra OPA is more effective than oregano oil and grape seed extract.

Using our Ultra OPA on a daily basis will provide a full cleanse of the GI tract in a gentle manner so that you will assimilate more nutrients to experience greater energy while maintaining optimal health.The science behind it is simple, by keeping negative anaerobic bacteria under control in the GI tract, nutrients can be absorbed more effectively thus greater energy and general well being.

"Ultra OPA is so safe and gentle we use it in our finest skin creams"

Ultra OPA greatly reduces the discomfort caused by pathogenic microorganisms. These organisms include Candida yeast, salmonella, Angier, N.albicans, E.coli, P.aeruginosa and S.aureus. These drops are useful to relieve symptoms of stomach flu or food poisoning and is a must when traveling.

Ultra OPA is especially useful in hot moist climates such as the tropics or wherever fungi is more common. Ultra OPA can also be used topically for the relief of bacterial and fungal infections and works great for home use for killing bacteria on food preparation surfaces etc.


Ultra OPA

Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial
A multipurpose combination of organic plant extracts (including limorium, tumeric and coconut), and plant acids (including ascorbic, malic, benzoic) in a base of plant glycerin. The result of 25 years of research and experimentation

Pathogens Killer

This powerful combination of plant extracts & acids destroys the pathogens from the inside out.
What about the good guys? Fortunately the good bacteria have much thicker cell walls and far fewer receptors so they are not affected.

How safe is it?

Ultra OPA is so safe and gentle we use it in our finest skin creams. By cleansing the membrane around your cells, Ultra OPA helps remove bacteria and toxins in the fine lines which cause wrinkles.
Broad Spectrum Killer Extremely effective against fungi, as well as bacteria. Fungi are becoming a significant problem due to the growth of international travel and unusual mutations caused by contact with previously unknown pathogens.

What about Colds & Flus?

For colds, flu, stomach upsets, ear-aches, sore throats, athlete`s foot, toe-nail fungi using Ultra OPA to destroy pathogens may reduce symptoms quickly.

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